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tv   Happening Now  FOX News  June 16, 2014 10:00am-11:01am PDT

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group. >> 20,000 kids and a stadium just to watch. >> brian thank you for all of your genius. >> why is that sarcastic. >> and that's it for out numbered. see you back here at noon eastern. happening now starts right now. >> three developing stories we are watching. terrorist claiming they executed 1700 iraqi soldiers has isis takes over another city. we'll give you the latest from that part on the ground. and a crieses in the southern board has more immigrants are entering the country every day. the democrats blasted the response. and e-mails from lois lerner vanished in a computer crash. the irs is accused of a cover up and political targeting scandal
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u.s. military help on the way for americans still in iraq. welcome to's new hour of happening now. i am jenna lee. >> and i am eric shaun in for jon scott. >> there is new video of a strikes on the hide outs. the insurgents proclaim baghdad is next. meanwhile, the u.s. is moving more military assets in the region including a aircraft carrier battle crew and 500 marines. >> jennifer has the latest from the pentagon. >> reporter: pentagon press secretary john kirby pushed back hard on the suggestion that the u.s. would cordinate militarily with iran in regards with iraq.
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we have no plans to have consulitation with iran. there is no joint military operation with iran. they had to clarify secretary of state john kerry's remarks when he was asked by kaicate couric. >> we have to go step-by-step. i wont rule out anything constructive to providing real stability. >> mesa verde and transport dock ship passed through the strait of her mos and joining the george bush. and the bush is escorted by a navy destroyer and the navy cruiser. troops have been sent to
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boltster security of the americans in baghdad. there is video of a strikes carried out of the sewun ni insurgents. 100 troops were bolstering the security in the embassy and a significant personnel are sent to jordan and north to the u.s. consulates. >> movements we are watching, jenna, thank you very much. >> we have 35,000 military personnel in jordan and kuwait and qattar. and there are military available for precision air strikes. 10,000 ground troops are based
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and in qatar there are powerful bombers and 5,000 warships in the gulf. >> looking at the insurgent group that is leading the terrorist attacks. it is isis and it was formed last april and grew out of al-qaeda in iraq it was considered too extreme and violent for al-qaeda. the leader is one of the most dangerous terrorist in the world today. he is known as the new bin laden. his group is paying 200 for militant it is that join their cause. >> what should happen next in iraq. modern border ares of iraq were created by the allies and doesn't reflect the country and ancient hostilities.
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we have a fox news contractor ralph peters said dividing the country in three. is this viable and would it stop the violence? our next guest is skeptical about this? i encourage our vowers to check out the journal. tom, we are hearing about if we let all sides go to the corners things would not be better. >> no one is drawing borders in the middle east. no one is saying you have your own countries and kureds in the north and shiits and sun nis. that will not stop the fighting. it is all about resurrecting them. >> and what should we do?
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>> there is no substitute of american leadership. we don't have american boots on the ground which could have stimied this. we have to do what we can with the cards. and we have to deal with the government unfortunately. that doesn't mean empowering. italians it is creating the younified force or strategy with iranians. and what do you think about that? >> iran doesn't want stability. they want power and influence. this was a flied in 200 throw. tony bla i said basically, the iranians are going to help us to stabilize iraq. he said how wrong it fls and they did everything to destabilize the iowa rab.
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they want to consol date their influence for shiite areas. that doesn't weaken the conflict. >> is that why it emerged to begin with is this >> from july 2011 on, the obama said iran is working with al-qaeda. they are playing a double game. >> and the idea of working out a deal is false. >> i know you look at the rise of terrorism in the world, one of the things that hasn't received a lot of attention, there was an attack in kenya by islamic militants and people were killed. andy woo are seeing the rise of violent and islamic terrorist groups in north africa and going into syria and iraq.
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and we are too hyper focused on iraq. and do we have a broad policy in the world that is coming under threat and islamic terrorist in general. >> one quick stat. there is a new study that came out in 1988. al-qaeda was founded and there was three gihaddist groups. and so al-qaeda set out to start jihaddist around the global. we still have no strategy for >> what would be the start of that strategy? >> one of the key points here, most of the violence is directed in the muslimbed. many recruits are victims of the terrorism. that would be in africa and iraq and most people killed are muslims. and these are not organizations you want to join. >> and that doesn't advocate
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american leadership in that issue. it is mainly focused on muslims. >> and all america needs to do is to align themselves. we had people in iraq. >> and where are the saweds and speaking of the muslim allies. >> just like the iranians are u that way. so are the saudis. new information on the irs targeting for you now. lois lerner's e-mail were lost in a computer crash and they can't find them. they just vanished. that stunning rev lagdz is not sitting well with the house committee.
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we have mike emmanuel who has the latest from capitol hill, hi, mike. >> the irs lost many of the e-mails from january 2009 and april 2011. and have the internal irs correspondents and don't have interaction with her with outside groups and other aenlss. they considered that critical information and learner refused to answer questions from congress. >> and after careful consideration, i have decided to follow my council's advice and not answer questions today. >> they so her central in the targeting of the conservative groups. she resigned and then was found in contempt of congress in may. irs officials say they provided law makers with 67,000 e-mails
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that learner sent or received and more than 250 irs employees worked 120,000 hours to respond to congress. and in march, the irs commissioner did not mention a computer crash. >> they get taken off and stored in servers. and you have 90,000. >> i am asking them to find one. >> we could find and searching lois lerner e-mails. >> how long would that take? >> i have no idea how long. >> congressman are asking shouldn't they be stored on servers somewhere? darril issa calls it the crash unbelievable. >> sounds like it is. >> and later on in this hour. a political panel and a closer look of the political fallout
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from the lost irs e-mails. fox news alert. and a white house official. the president getting ready to ban federal contractors from discrimination. this follows years of pressure. and comprehensive bill sits in limo on capitol hill. no word on when it will be signed they are flooding over our southern border and not being stopped. the illegal immigration crisis is getting worse. >> many of them are children, look at them, they are sleeping on the floor and they are continuing to arrive. >> and dangerous wildfires and threatening hundreds of homes, as resident are warned to get out. don yald trump is known for the
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formula one legend michael sha uma cher is out of his coma and in the hospital that he was in sdam when he was in a accident. he has been transported to the
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hospital near his home in switzerland. >> that is good news. >> more now on the crisis on the southern border. we told you about the children from central american crossing in our country. the border patrol said it is overwhelmed with estimated to 3 or 400 children apprehended every day and appears to be no end in sight. john roberts has the mission in texas. >> reporter: eric, this is ground 0. a crossing spot by the palm tree. this morning on the way down here, we ran into a couple of women from guatamala and were ca calmly waiting for the border patrol. and bus station we run into
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a dozen of people yesterday. and after being processed by the border patrol were given notice to be. they have catholic charity boun the street from the bus terminal helping the migrants and giving them clothing and food and a hot shower. and we talked about why they came here. they are escaping growing violence and poverty in their country. and there is an idea they are being coached. we run into one woman who showed signs of violence. she was slashed by a man who tried to kidnap her three-year-old daughter this honduras. >> he was going to hurt my baby and he cut my hand. the young man was put in jail and so the family threat eped to kill me.
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i felt i had to leave there and protect myself and my daughter. >> there is no way to verify if it is thorough. but the border patrol and other authorities are overwhelmed by this. and it shoes extreme overcrowding in the border patrol facility. we talked to them all about that in mcallen. while he is a democrat, he is critical of the way the president is handling all of. this >> he has a long way to go to improve this. don't just listen to bureaucrats, but listen to the men and women here. >> just down the river from where we are. there is a park in mexico. jet skis. in broad daylight.
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they drop illegals at the park and they disa pore amongst the crowds. we talked to the border patrol agents that are told not to talk to us. we reached out to dhs and border patrol to get comment. they gave us a paper statement but will not talk to us on camera there is a belief that dhs thinks if it doesn't talk about the problem, it would go away. >> that is not the case. homeland security wrote a letter to the president to call out the national guard. she call today a humanitarian crisis. >> and irs official lois lerner's e-mails disappeared and the irs blaming the computer crash. a panel weighs in and a massive
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growing outrage over the irs claims that e-mails are lost and cannot be recovered in any way. the agency blaming a computer glitch same year that lois lerner learned about the political targeting. and some congressional investigators are calling it a convenient excuse. jenna is editor at large for national review on line. ? jonna, our viewers could have
10:25 am
missed this because of coming out on friday. that is when things come out. and people don't want you to focus on. what do you make of this that the e-mails are just gone? >> it doesn't pass the laugh test. it is very rare that i will flat out say that government officials are baldly lying and the person in the press believe what people told him. i don't believe it is true that e-mails can be lost for all time because of an individual computer crashing. e-mails are out there in clouds and servers and out in theether and flying by us now. and if you smash your lap top and e-mails are lost forever strikes me as absolutely redickulous. and the nsa can save money on encryption and all you need is a good hammer.
10:26 am
>> that's an excellent point. there are no e-mails from 2011 when she first learned about the conflict and the irs said there was a computer crash. and it is unrecoverable and we kaebt get the e-mails. but we have given e-mails to the tune of $10 million. and so isn't that good enough. what dow say? >> it is more than a year than the request being made. the congressional investigators should have learned by now and only a portion of them perisin and not cred ebl. not only is the nsa in control of the content.
10:27 am
but someone will turn up your e-mails. and this is a situation where it is not only strange that some e-mails were shared with congress and other ones are being lost. and the idea there there is a federal record's act that you are in violation of. and you are intoed to back up certain documents and certain ways and you are supposed to put them on 22 separate systems and the idea of wasting the time and money and trying to call to other agencies and you received a lois 11er e-mail is not only outrageous but stupid but time for the administration to step it up. and there are questions about that. whether they can make sure they comply with an investigation. >> in the past, jonna, they will not do that. >> and where does this go from here? >> one question on what they
10:28 am
said. there has been proven wrongdoing already. we know that lois lerner started the whole thing by planting a question and lying in response to the set up question. and we know that her initial story was untrue in many important regard. and there is some smoke there. where it goes now, this is just justifiable red meet for investigators to say this is not what a administration does when it is complying. when a president of the united states said there is not a smimgon of corruption and his own department of investigation is completed there yet. >> something discovery and you can see where they take it from here. thank you so much. >> thank you.
10:29 am
>> it is not just iraq. terrorist blamed for killing dozens of people in kenya while they are watching the world cup on television. and iraq may be the top with the american blood on their hands. will that stop them from teaming up to fight the insurgents in iraq? >> the end. united states of america will have to do what president obama judges is in the interest of the united states of america. and if there is a divergence with other people in the region, so be it.
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looking live at the white house. the obama administration considering direct talks with iran to help counter rising insurgency in iraq. the secretary of state kerry said the u.s. is willing to talk if iran can help. >> the white house is trying diplomacy. and they have a small window to do this. >> reporter: president obama ruled out the use of ground troops but left the potential of a strikes to take out the
10:34 am
extremist offshoot groups. iran which is bordering iraq has an interest in stability in the region. the idea is floating that iran would supply ground troops and the u.s. would take out the extremist. and interesting because secretary of state john kerry in an interview with yahoo news seemed to love that door open. >> we are open for discussions that are constructive and contributed by iran if they are prepared to do something that is respect the integrity of iraq and the ability of the government to reform. >> reporter: republican john mccain said this is folly any idea that the u.s. can work constructively with iran. the pentagon said the secretary of state is not talking
10:35 am
coordinating militarily. but cooperation to help figure the situation out. no one has a clear handle on what just this would mean. >> the president said they are considering military option. and no air strikes yet and republicans are critizing saying he took too much time. >> reporter: republicans demapping a plan from the president saying they had the latest intelligence of what is happening on the ground in iran. and republican graham said it scared the hell out ofim of what may be next with the al-qaeda trying to get control of iraq and turned into a islamic state. listen to the chairman of the house intel itigence committee. >> we can't wait days and months to scratch our heads in a reconciliation process. we have to ask.
10:36 am
is al-qaeda holding a land size of indiana a problem to united states. i guarantee you this is a problem that we will have to face. either in new york city or face it here. >> reporter: now the president spent palm springs in california and gets back here and the pressure is on immediately for him to come up with a plan. >> sounds like it. thank you so much. violence in another part of the world. pakistan. jets launchest air strikes against the norther terrorist. they killed 37 in the border with afghanistan. and six pakistani police officers and soldiers were killed after a road side bomb hit their convoy. >> and now there is more coming from the militant groups. >> we are learning about a young
10:37 am
israeli american who is along the teenagers in the west bank. there was an outpouring of support for the young man and his family. he is an american citizen. and his aunt said they are shus conscientious to have him home and for now all they can do is wait. >> we are very, very worried. and want to see him home fast and we miss and love him, but we know and believe that the israel authorities will send the army and intelligence is doing the utmost that can be done. >> israeli police arresting homs members. hams called the accusations stupid. >> and a deadly terror attack in kenia. gun men assault a town
10:38 am
popular with western tourist. the terrorist have specific targets in mind. amy has more on this story. >> this seems to be becoming a partern of the terrorist attacks in kenia. they asked people to recite verses from the qu'ran and in not they are killed. they have a al-qaeda affiliated somalia militants that were forced out by the african army. they have staged revenge attacks. two trucks of gunmen pulled in a town not far from the tourist attraction and killing men in front of their eyes where people
10:39 am
were watching the world cup and went door-to-door terrorizing people in the safety of their own home. this brings back the siege in september that killed 67 people. that attack allowed 80 hours. that was a high profile attack. 63 people died of smaller insstances as well. analyst are saying a l- shaba b are follow on group from the al-qaeda militants that staged the embassy attacks in 1998. and in the attack last night militants and terrorist escaped and burned the vehicles and burned evident and escaped in the bush and possibly to somalia. and the police had a slow and inexplicably slow response that
10:40 am
is troubling. we'll continue to watch it. thank you. >> an update on a case that has a major impact on on line speech. and what a speech judge ruled on a defamation case and what impacts you posting on line. >> and battling to contain the massive wild fire in central california and it is threatening homes. >> it they are doing what they can. they have a bunch of enemyings and crews. -- engines and crews. proven r than tums smoothies assorted fruit. mmm. amazing. yeah, i get that a lot. alka seltzer heartburn reliefchews. enjoy the relief.
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>> coming up on the real story. one of the big three credit reporting agencies is being sued for knowingly putting wrong information in the files of millions of consumers. we'll help you figure out if yours is impacted and what to do about it. in 2014, can lois lerner's e-mails be lost? we'll talk to a tech expert who will tell us how to find them. >> plus, what is never been board the national space station. we'll tell you in a now minutes. a massive wildfires is burning out of control in california. people are very much on edge. >> it is scary, i have a lot of
10:45 am
that are evacuated from overnight because it is close. >> our meteorologist is live with the conditions. >> it will get worse and the drought and temperatures are high. dry percisions persist. not only california but the southwest. driveway conditions and gusty winds and hot in the southwest for the next several days. we'll keep an eye on that. and the drought extreme to exceptional drought. 100 percent in a severe drought. one quick mention, jenna. threat for severe weather and thunderstorm watch that expires and a new tornado watch that is issued in parts of wisconsin and
10:46 am
iowa. >> overturning a 380,000 settlement awarded to sarah jones. she won the case against the gossip website after it published the footose. those were posts that were post boyd a third party. >> we have our attorneys here. is this ruling a correct one? >> it is. the appeals court got it right and you should know it, too, eric. communication's decency act is the devil and does what the name implies. it is a well settled law.
10:47 am
internet service providers cannot be liable for any third party content. if someone thinks you are a jerk or unflattering opinion about you. you can't go after twitter or facebook. but only after the person that publishes that information. the problem is trying to find out who those people are. usually they are anonymous. >> that is true. diana, it is amazing what is out there. and some of it horrendous. and then there is the first amendment. >> but it is a first amendment that is limited. the jury found that the contest reached to the level of malice. it was the right decision. the appellate court said we'll go around what the jury has
10:48 am
decided and have level of immunitiy. and not to mention some information that the owner of the website posted in the comments and the comments were per se deflamatory and talked about her sexually transmitted diseases that were found to be untrue. because of the owner of the website went along and guided the conversation in some way, he was liable. the opinion should have stuck. >> if there is malice, why don't they go after the people who posted it instead of the website owner? >> partially it is the deeper pockets of the website owner. and how do you find those people? and how do you find the commenters is more difficult than suing the person who put it
10:49 am
out there. >> facebook and google thinks it could chill on line speech. >> the appeals court said we are not going to hold you liable for what people say on your website. they can breathe a sigh of relief. it is the people who are tweeted and stuck holding the bag. it is impossible to find out who they are. they come up with weird names and you can't find out where they live and how to contact them. facebook and twitter, no problem. >> i thought it was settled in 1734. and they ruled if you have a printing press you can't be held liable. >> and a political land mark is
10:50 am
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right now, a famous place in political history about to vanish. a virginia county voting to demolish the so-called deep throat garage. you know that played a big part in the water gate scandal in the 1970s. it is where an fbi efficient secretly met with "washington post" reporter bob woodward to give had him inside information
10:54 am
that ultimately led to president richard nixon resigning. it was even in the movie "all the president's men." the donald leaving his mark on the chicago skyline. giant letters spelling trump now grace the iconic trump tower built in 2008. critics are voicing their distaste for the sign, including chicago's mayor. >> reporter: janet, look. it is subtle just like donald trump. you can barely even notice the 20-foot letters hanging right in the center of the town. mayor emanuel says it is architecturally tasteless. problem is back in 2009 city council said he could put up an even bigger sign back when daley was in office. a "chicago tribune" columnist writes, it burns, it offends that this swollen outsider has lifted his leg to mark his territory on our skyline in such a prominent way. the best the mayor can do is propose an ordinance that pretty much gives the donald a non-compete. he responded this morning on fox
10:55 am
and friends. >> what he is doing is they've just announced that they're going to pass legislation that you can't do this anymore. meaning other people can't do it. that's just fine with me. >> you hear a lot of people point out that the "sun times" building used to stand in that spot. big sign on the "sun times" building was not the most attractive you had ever seen. you don't have to look far to see brands hanging all over the city from different buildings. difference is this one bears the name of a guy who's from outside of town. so the issue, we took it to the street. >> i was just saying i hate it. >> it is not like an eye sore by any means. i don't think. >> are you kidding me? >> i don't at all. >> it is a beautiful building. did he need to put his name all over the front of it? it's ruined it. ruined it. ruined the river front. how could he? is. >> i think he has every right to brand himself. >> do you know who trump is? >> no, i don't know. >> no, she doesn't know.
10:56 am
how about a compromise? why don't we make the sign of the building say "cubs win" or "ditka." there's somebody everybody in chicago might agree with. >> you might bridge the sides. mike, thank you. speaking of the cubs and baseball, maybe the picture of the day. a dad with his hands full. he still manages to steal the show at the ballpark. the father's day catch you have the father's day catch you have to see to believe.n of great-tasting ensure. 24 vitamins and minerals, antioxidants, and 9 grams of protein. [ bottle ] ensure®. nutrition in charge™. t! [ bottle ] ensure®. [bell rings] jane. her long day on set starts with shoulder pain... ...and a choice take 6 tylenol in a day which is 2 aleve for... ...all day relief. hmm. [bell ring] "roll sound!" "action!"
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been dad getting a special souvenir at the one park. a really special one. watch this. he catches the home run ball in one hand while holding a baby. his baby in his other arm. rob winter says he just changed his son's diaper and was heading to his seat when the ball was hit. so this is all happening in the san francisco -- in san francisco with the the giants taking on the colorado rockies. winter says he was simply in the right place at the right time. no big deal. he had the baby, catch the ball.
11:00 am
that's how it works on father a's day. a story for the brand kids one day, that's for sure. >> wouldn't recommend it. >> i'm glad he didn't drop both. >> the little boy was outfitted, got the hat on, everything, no big deal. nice one. >> maybe the mets could use him. >> that's right. thanks for joining us, everybody. >> take care. "the real story" with gretchen carlson starts now. thanks, guys. secretary of state john kerry now says u.s. drone strikes may well be an option to help stop the insurgents' advances in iraq. hi, everyone. i'm gretchen carlson. i hope you had a great weekend. welcome to "the real story" for a monday. those isis militants releasing images of the brutal slaughter of 150 people and claimsing hundreds more victims of and the iraqi military using air strikes to try to stop these extremists. they're marching toward baghdad right now. breaking right now the state department decided to relocate a substantial number of embassy staff currently in baghdad and


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